Quitting ANTM??

How can you quit?

I just finished watching ANTM on The CW. I love, love the show, not because I’m into modeling, that’s far from the truth. I love how creative it can be, it’s full of ideas that i can use in my daily life.

Anyways, this is what this post is about. How can a girl go through the whole application process, get chosen between thousands of girls who are dieing to be models and to especially be on Top Model. Then just pick up and Quit?!? I don’t understand that…

You went through HELL. Especially in this season. After they shocked everyone in the first episode by telling them they did not make it, how can you quit?

I understand some people have issues (in this case the girl couldn’t handle remembering her brothers death) I sympathize with that, but you camel all the way here, you should be strengthened by your experience. Not to pick up and go.

I feel like she stole another girls spot who would have worked really hard, even could have won the cycle. She just robbed her of her chance.

A similar thing happened to me in school. I applied to a limited program and I was wait-listed. A lot of people started dropping out before the program started and I was happy I almost got in. Well, that didn’t happen, I was two seats away.

After a couple of months from when the program started, I found out 5 students had dropped out. I was furious, it broke my heart. I knew I would have excelled if I got in, but those slackers took that opportunity away from me.

All I’m saying is don’t be a quitter. Push yourself and use all of your experiences to make you stronger.

Have you ever gone through something similar? What do you think about the girl who quit? Was her reason enough?

I would love to hear your thoughts ❤

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Eighteen the new Thirteen?

I don’t watch T.V much, the days seem to go by too quickly, but today I came across a show called “The Talk”. It’s a daytime show on CBS that’s exactly like “The View”. The main topic was about a women who left her twelve year old daughter home alone for a week while she went to get married in Washington state.

Before I start, I just want to say, what this women did was wrong and she defiantly deserves what she’s being charged with, however, It wasn’t that long ago when twelve year olds ran house holds, took care of their younger siblings, and had time to go out and play with their friends. I know each generation is different. I compare myself to my younger sister (who’s seven years younger) and I wonder, when I was sixteen I took care of four younger siblings (one who is with special needs) while our parents travelled, I cooked, cleaned, and was able to go to school. Now that I think about it, by the time I was sixteen I was an expert at all of it. My sister doesn’t even know how to comb her own hair (that’s an exaggeration).

Why is it that, as time goes by children’s mind get younger and younger? Is it the society’s fault for treating them with such vulnerability? At twelve I was told I was a young women so I acted by it. It was a confusing time because I was transitioning from being a child to becoming a teenager, but because in my head I new I grew up, I thought about my actions and tried to live by my parents expectations of me.

True Grit

A great example of children taken over complicated responsibilities is Mattie Ross in the movie True Grit. A fourteen year old girl who looks for her fathers killer to avenge him. I’m not saying little girl’s should run around, travel with strangers, and activate machinery. They should at least be able to sit at home, read some books, and do their homework if their parents needed to run an earned for an hour.

It’s like eighteen is the new thirteen! Do you agree? It’s very rare to meet an eighteen year old who knows that they have become a full grown adult with responsibilities. Where did it go all wrong? how did we go from thirteen year olds who can help take care of a whole family to thirty one year old who neglects their child for a whole week?

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